Vintage Patchwork Quilt

Last week I did some selfish sewing-- making something purely for fun + for me! Often when I sew it is for my Etsy shop or as a gift for a friend or family member. Picking out vintage fabric scraps and charm squares in prints that made me happy was the only goal. 

Vintage Patchwork quilt.

Even the vintage sheet I used as a spacing fabric is a dear print that I have been holding onto for a while in hopes of creating something for my home.  I LOVE this sheet with dainty pink, yellow and blue florals. The vintage sheet used for the backing is also a nice, crisp vintage floral that was in pristine condition. I made the pink and white striped quilt binding from a vintage sheet; if you are in need of some, there is a listing in my shop for this same print.  

Vintage Patchwork quilt.

Each square of fabric measures 5 inches square. Once I had enough cut, I simply began to lay them out in a random order and sew end-to-end until I got to my desired width. I cut large strips of the vintage sheet in 5 inch sections and sewed these in between the patchwork pieces. 

Vintage Patchwork Quilt.

These colors and prints are so charming. Many were precut which really cut down on the front end prep. This was another great project for using up those precious scraps that are compiling in your random bins and baskets. 

May September bring you time to enjoy your hobbies + loved ones!
xox-- Susan