Summer Sewing For Me {Blue floral frock}

After a lovely day at the beach with my Dears, I was in the mood to wear something flow-y with cotton coolness. So, I pulled out some vibrant vintage prints, and went to work on a summer frock. Here is the lovely, amazingly breezy final product: 

Vintage fabric + frock pattern sewing.

This may be my most favorite frock to date-- it's the perfect fit with lots of wiggle room and POCKETS! I always fall for dresses/ skirts that have a place for some lip balm or coins. And after my day at the beach with a bit of sunburn on my upper body, this was perfect! 

blue floral frock2.jpg

Here's the vintage Simplicity pattern that was shortened with my pull of vintage sheets. I was a little nervous about the ties on the shoulders, but after wearing the frock for an evening, they didn't bother me as much as I thought they would; so good news on that front.

blue floral frock3.jpg

Another happy vintage frock for my wardrobe! This year has been unprecedented in sewing projects for me. I am so glad to have made the time to sew some fun bits for my closet and outfits that make me happy, cost little to nothing + fit my personally. Not dressing to please anyone but me. 

Dress Cost: Floral sheet: $2
                    Gingham piece: FREE from another sheet
                    Pattern: .99
Final Cost: $3

What's on your sewing list? Anything special just for YOU??

xox- Susan