Crochet Granny Square Bolster Pillow Cover

After finding a great deal on a bolster pillow, I decided to crochet a large granny square cover in pinks, grays + white. The process of making this pillow cover was similar to my other granny square pillow covers with the exception of connecting the edges with a single crochet stitch, instead of sewing a fabric backing. 

Granny Square Bolster Pillow Cover.

Begin by choosing 5-6 yarn colors for your cover. My bolster pillow was 16 inches long. This required 16 rounds in the granny square to reach the edges and touch the sides. Once the edges were close, I single crocheted those edges together in one of the coordinating yarn colors.

Crochet granny square bolster pillow cover.

 Next, I chose two yarn colors and strung them through a tapestry needle and weaved the strands through the edges + cinched the ends closed with a bow. 

So many ways to use a large + those cute, small granny squares! 
xoxo- Susan