Patchwork Crochet Hook Case {sewing for me}

Do you have a list of projects you would like to accomplish, but never seem to get around to finishing?? Me too. Some of these projects are for the home, some are personal goals, and others are more fun--sewing projects for me. Summer usually affords me more time to explore my creative list; so happy to have finished one of these projects this week. A pouch for my NEW crochet hooks!

Patchwork crochet hook pouch.

I was gifted some sweet vintage style 2.5 inch fabric bits by an IG friend. After visiting my Pinterest board, I found a pencil pouch tutorial by Clover + Violet that has been on my creative to-do list for a while. Once I downloaded the pattern, I began to sew the squares together in a random order of color and patterns. 

Patchwork stitching.

After following the clear + simple tutorial, I ended up with a colorful + darling pencil pouch that perfectly fits all of my newly acquired crochet hooks. 

patchwork pouch4.jpg

Look at that wide opening! It fits all 12 crochet hooks, plus small trimming scissors, stitch markers and more. 

Patchwork pencil pouch/ crochet hook pouch.

Thankful for a little unexpected alone time this evening. One more fun project off of my to-do list and a cozy home for some ergonomical crochet hooks

xoxo- Susan