Crocheted Medallions With Stamped Words {encourage one another}

Crocheting with my most favorite cotton yarn is such a treat! This week, I was wanting to encourage some Dearies and came up with a few fun and colorful crocheted medallions/ awards to add to gifts and treats. 

Crocheted medallions/ awards as gift toppers and encouragement.

Once I crocheted my colorful rounds, I added some fabric strips, twine and ribbon to the bottom + a stamped word to the front. Aren't they adorable?!?

Crocheted medallions as awards and encouragement.

So many fun ways to use these cuties.....

Crocheted medallion.

And if a Lovie passes a test, acts courageously, blesses someone, makes a sacrifice or has a special day, these would be wonderful handmade tokens to show you KNOW + SEE + APPRECIATE them to bits. 

Crocheted medallions of encouragement.

If you need a few of these crocheted medallions/ awards, pop into the shop and place an order. Let's find creative ways to encourage one another!

May you feel the Love of the One who made it ALL possible. 

xox- Susan