Crochet + Cross Stitch Kindle/ iPad Mini Case (Rainbows + Roses)

I have been wanting to cross stitch on crochet projects for a while. After working for a bit on a few ideas, I came up with a simple Kindle case or iPad mini case using the single crochet stitch.

Crochet + cross stitch kindle case/ iPad mini case.

It came out better than I hoped. This rose is my favorite! 
After measuring my kindle, I began to single stitch over + over until I had the length I wanted. I then had my daughter help me design some easier cross stitch designs on graph paper. (Yay for teen girls and their art skills! )

Crochet + Cross stitch rainbow kindle case/ iPad mini case.

I am hoping to come up with some more cross stitch ideas, but for now these two styles are making me quite happy. 

These are currently available in my shop for you non-crocheters:) Also, each case comes with a happy yarn tasseled clip and crocheted heart! Come pop over and take a peek at the Spring-y offerings. Perfect for your Easter baskets or Sweeties. 

xox- Susan