Party Prep {she's 20!}

Our oldest child just turned 20! So many feelings and memories all come flooding at the mention of seasons that have passed since this baby girl entered our home. She was our first. First daughter. First hospitalization. First one to experience our wobbly attempts at parenting. But she is dearly loved and so we remembered her special day surrounded by friends and family eating yummy delights and singing her a song of remembrance. 

Birthday pennants from felt and vintage fabric.

Whip up your own birthday pennants. I simply cut the desired size from my girls favorite color of felt. After adding bonding to the vintage fabric, I free handed the 20 and yay in increasing or decreasing sizes to fit the shape. Iron on and stitch around the words. Add some yarn or twine to bottom of pennant and DONE. 

These pennants were added to my girls favorite cake// pineapple upside down cake!

What simple decoration do you add to your small parties?? 

xoxo- Susan