Vintage Book Tags {Gift it}

As a former teacher, I LOVE books. Even though my children are no longer drawn to the simplicity of children's storybooks, I cannot help but to pick up the lonesome pages and consider ways to incorporate the beauty of the illustrations into my home. In the past, I have made book banners from old and discarded books, but today, I am sharing my Vintage Book Tags

Vintage Book Tags.

This Little Golden Book version of Little Red Riding Hood made 23 gift tags. Each tag is hand-cut and finished with a black and white hang tag. Perfect addition to your next gift.

The Gingerbread Man gift tags.

This vintage version of The Gingerbread Man contains some charming forest animals, a farmer + his wife, and of course, the Gingerbread Man in lovely vintage style and color. This book also made 23 tags and is currently available in my Shop

book tags6.jpg

Who wouldn't love a gift tag reminiscent of their childhood on a gift?!?