Vintage Pattern Sewing {for me}

I am pretending Spring is close and sewing up some light cottony frocks from floral vintage fabric and trim. If I only have a quick minute to pop into a thrift store, the area I will look at first is the bedding and linens. This has often been a treasure trove of crispy vintage goodness for a fraction of the cost of floral yardage at the fabric stores. This week, I combined a vintage {maternity} pattern and vintage sheet to make a light and cheery dress/ frock. Be Still My Heart

Vintage sheet dress made from vintage linens.
Vintage Pattern and fabric dress.
Vintage pattern dress made from vintage linens.

This twin- sized sheet was so crispy and fresh-- it just needed a wash and dry to be ready for pattern cutting. This maternity pattern will be a new favorite. Some of my past frocks were sleeveless, but this beauty has short little puffed sleeves for an added bit of femininity. It fits perfectly! Ahh, these dainty yellow florals make my heart swoon for sunny days! 

What's on your work table??