The Cabled Beanie

I love when I come across a crochet pattern that stretches my skill level. When I stumbled upon the beautiful Cable Beanie pattern from All About Ami, I knew I wanted to master the stitches required to make her lovely cap. It took a few tries, but finally, I can say, I can crochet cables

Cabled Crochet Beanie.

This cap was a trial run, but it came out so well, that one of my daughters claimed it as her own-- a true compliment for a mother of picky teens. 

cabled beanie2.jpg
cable beanie3.jpg

Once I finished the oatmeal yarn, I grabbed a rich yellow to make a cap for myself. I Love it! My daughter tried to claim this one as well, but I suggested we share. These caps are so warm and thick; I am certain more will be made in the future! 

What new skills are you learning this season?? Please share in the comments...