A Crochet Patchwork Afghan

It is currently 92 degrees outside my home; kind of a crazy day for me to share my most recent crochet project. But with Fall just around the corner, I had the urge to pull out some balls of yarn and prepare for the cozy nights ahead. 

Patchwork crochet afghan. SugarBeans.org

I simply crocheted a square pattern using the double crochet stitch (only grabbing the back loop for the ridged look).  Each additional square was added to the finished ones until I had the width I wanted. 

patchwork afghan. SugarBeans.org

This picture shows the ridges made my picking up the back loop only on the double-crochet stitch. Then just repeat over and over. {This is a great project to use up all of your smaller balls of yarn}!

Patchwork afghan. SugarBeans.org

Once all of the squares were connected, I added two rows of single crochet around the perimeter, then did a picot stitch with 3 singles between the picots. (Very similar to my granny stripes afghan border).

Patchwork afghan. SugarBeans.org

Crochet + the cooler weather just go together. Another patchwork afghan is in the works for a friend who has a birthday at the end of the year. Handmade biddle is the best!