Crochet Patchwork Afghan {with Tassels}

I finished a patchwork afghan a little while ago and loved the ease of the repeated pattern and final look of the project. So, I made another one this last week for a friend, changing it up a little by adding some fringed tassels to the ends instead of the picot edging used in the first afghan. 

fringed patchwork afghan.

This simple afghan is just a repeated double crochet stitch, picking up ONLY the back loop to form the ridges for added texture. I chose an assortment of earthy yarn tones for the season. 

Crochet patchwork afghan with fringe.

So soft + pleasantly bulky.

Tassel and fringe crocheted afghan.

To finish off the afghan, I crocheted a single stitch in gray around the entire blanket. Then I wound the same gray yarn around a hard cover book many times and cut down the middle to make lots of yarn strands about the same length. Using my crochet hook, I pulled 5 strands of yarn through the ends of the afghan making a loop, then pulled the tails of the yarn through the loop. {Spaced evenly}.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments and I will get back to you.