Francine the Floral Fox {college gift}

My friend, Beverly of Flamingo Toes recently shared her amazing embroidery pattern, Francine the Floral Fox with me. And I was smitten from the word FOX. My daughter has a love of all things foxy, and so I began to stitch this lovely pattern for her in hopes of having it ready before her college departure next week. 

Francine the floral fox.

I stitched the pattern onto unbleached muslin. I love the little bits of darker threads running through the material. The back of the pillow is a piece of a floral sheet. 

Francine the floral fox.

Stitching in the sunshine happened a few times, but mostly, I was sitting by a teen as they watched Parks + Recreation on Netflix-- a show they all fell in love with this summer. This pattern was so easy to follow; great pictures, color chart and detailed instructions-- Beverly even has an embroidery page to follow if you get stumped on a certain embroidery stitch.

Francine the fox pillow.

Turning this pattern into a pillow was an easy decision. I wanted something handmade + personal for my girl to take to college. Last year, I made my girl the Vintage Strip Quilt to take to her dorm room. {It's still a favorite of mine--it holds so many emotions/ memories of prepping our oldest for her first year away}. 

Head on over to Flamingo Toes to get your own pattern for the adorable Francine the Floral Fox embroidery pattern. It's perfect for any skill level and SO adorable, you may not want to give it away.