A Little Instagram Swap with New Friends

It is amazing that social media has allowed friendships that would otherwise not exist, to flourish or start through common interests, goals or hobbies. I have made a few friends through Instagram that share a common interest in their faith,  parenting, sewing, crocheting or vintage junking. A few of these Lovelies asked if I wanted to join an informal Swap-- we buy a mug and fill it with some handmade or store bought love in the form of small bits that would interest the receiver. This is my third year participating in this type of swap, and I truly love the generosity and friendships that stem from this simple act of giving. 

Mug swap 2015. SugarBeans.org

This is a sample of some of the items that I shipped to my partner: a handmade placemat, bookmark and crocheted coasters, my favorite winter socks, yummy cocoa and cookies, an embroidered bag with needle minder, fabric tape, washi tape and of course, the mug. 

Instagram swap. SugarBeans.org

This is the lovely haul from my partner: love that vintage glass jar, sweet candle, crocheted pin cushion, tea and more. The thought that goes into something like this just blesses me beyond words. I love packing up gifts for friends and look forward to sending off little reminders of remembrances to my loved ones, but when I'm on the receiving end of these gestures, I am in awe. 

Connecting with others is a very good thing. Getting ready to write some snail mail soon, knowing that some college dears look forward to a mailbox filled with a padded envelope and news from home. 

How do you stay connected with friends, new and old??