School Prep Week

So, last week our teens went back to college and high school. At this stage of parenting there is little I can do to prepare them beyond a trip to Target for supplies {Which I LOVE}. And there really is no way to prepare for your oldest to head to another state for her second year of college. Kleenex, diet coke, and a comfy blanket do help for a short bit. 

There was a little time to create; some of these fun items are going with my Dearies to school. 

Elastic pencil pouch.

This little gem is available in my Etsy shop

And you can't send your girl away without some homemade cookies. I made a large batch of these delicious M&M cookies and added them to embroidered pouches for my college girl's dorm mates. 

College Care package.

Spending creative time embroidering, sewing or crocheting helps me to use my energy in a productive way versus thinking about the upcoming changes in our home overly much. Plus, it enables me to bless my Teens with some handmade items for them + their friends. 

Vintage Frock.

I used a vintage Butterick pattern and made another frock {First frock and pattern info}. This little handmade dress/ frock is getting packed up in a care package this week for my oldest in Ohio. This has become a new favorite patten. 

So, our teens are getting into the new rhythms of school schedules and homework woes; I'm getting used to an empty house for a few hours a day. Creating for my family is always a blessing.