Summer Adventures 2015

This summer has been AMAZING! We started our grand California adventure 4 days after school ended and loved our two week stay on the sunny coast. We invested our time and resources intentionally in a once-in-a-lifetime family trip to our home state of California. After twelve years away, we loved every blessed moment surrounded by familiar faces, places and FOOD. 

Summer Adventures 2015. Sugar

Of the fourteen days we had in California, we spent at least half on a beach; even if it was just a quick evening walk, we loved the sand, sun and waves. My teens were shocked that we could ever leave this place. 

In and out Burger. Sugar

Our first stop: In and Out Burger. A family favorite! SOOO yum!

Family adventures.

We had to visit some historical spots along the way; Olvera Street was my first kindergarten field trip and is a colorful favorite stop for visitors and locals alike. While in the downtown area, we also visited Michael Levines fabric shop and ate lunch at Philippe's for their famous beef dipped sandwiches. 

LA Shopping.

And for me, the best part of the entire trip was visiting old and dear friends. Having my children put faces with stories that have been shared over the years was priceless. So many wonderful chats and chuckles; my cheeks ached in the most fabulous of ways after days of belly laughs and tales of shared moments. 

California adventure 2015.

Our family returned a little browner, a little lighter and eager for more adventures as a family. I am hoping to make mini-adventures a monthly thing. Small trips around our region, day trips and small excursions to get away from the daily grind and routines. 

What adventures, grand or small has your summer entailed??