Vintage Sewing Patterns {sewing for me}

A while ago, my Hubs and I had a weekend away in beautiful Michigan. While there we came across a Goodwill that had a TON of vintage sewing patterns for only .10 each!! Of course the only reasonable thing to do was to buy a few; so I thumbed through the stack and found a few patterns that I could see myself sewing/ wearing and purchased them.

Vintage pattern and fabric.

This vintage fabric was also found on the Michigan trip. It is an upholstery fabric-- sturdy and vibrant. { I joked that there is probably a couch + arm chair out there that matches my tunic}.

Vintage sewing + pattern.

After I washed the tunic, it was so soft and fit amazingly well. This outfit is probably my most favorite combination. Tunic/ dress/ frock over jeans or leggings. And now that I found a pattern that I love, I can imagine many more frocks joining my wardrobe. 

Vintage sewing and pattern.

Besides it being a one-of-a-kind tunic this lovely piece only cost about $3 to make. Fabric + pattern + binding tape around arms were all thrifted. That makes me so happy. 

More sewing for me is on my summer to-do list, for sure.