Hexie Tea Pot Cozy {Quick Tutorial}

So, once I finished my big winter project-- the Hexie Quilt-- I found a few hexies were left and decided to use them up on a quick project. My little white tea pot was the perfect recipient of the Hexie Tea Cozy. 

Hexie tea cozy tutorial. SugarBeans.org

Step 1: Measure your teapot by placing it on a brown paper bag. Using a pencil trace around the teapot, adding a 1/2 inch seam allowance all the way around while pot is on it's side.

Hexie tea pot cozy tutorial. SugarBeans.org

Step 2: Hand stitch the colorful hexies into random rows, making sure your rows are long enough for your pattern from Step 1. Continue connecting rows until the desired height is reached.

Hexie tea cozy tutorial. SugarBeans.org

Step 3: Iron your two pieces of hexie fabric. Make sure the hexies overlap the paper pattern a bit. Trace and cut. 

Hexie Tea cozy tutorial. SugarBeans,org

Step 4: Iron fusible fleece onto the hexie pieces. Cut a 5 inch piece of ribbon and pin to the top center of the cozy.  Sew the two pieces together, right sides facing around the curved portion of the cozy. Leave the flat bottom open.

Hexie Tea cozy tutorial. SugarBeans.org

Step 5: Use your brown paper pattern and trace 2 coordinating fabric pieces and sew in the same manner as the hexie pieces. {This will be the lining of the cozy}. Turn inside out and tuck into the Hexie top. 

Hexie tea cozy tutorial. SugarBeans.org

Step 6: Line up the lining and hexie pieces. Pin bias tape around the edges and sew closed. 

I used my tea cozy last week with a friend over cookies and chats. This little cutie really worked; the tea stayed warm for quite a while. Colorful and functional, my kind of craft.