Granny Square Pillow Cover

Oh yes, another Granny Square project-- this follows the granny tech case, eyeglass case, and the granny blanket. I change up my pillow covers often; it's an easy and affordable way to change the look in a room. 

Granny Square Pillow Cover.

I paired the cotton yarn with a favorite vintage pillow case. The back of the granny pillow cover is an envelope enclosure made from the vintage pillow case. This makes for easy clean up and change up. 

If you are interested in making your own pillow cover, just make enough granny squares to cover your pillow. Attach the squares with your preferred method of connecting. (I single stitched the back of mine together). Then cut your cotton fabric large enough for the pillow PLUS 1 1/2 inches for stitching allowances. Then stitch right sides of granny square panel to right sides of cotton fabric around all four edges. Fold out pillow cover from envelope enclosure-- add your pillow and done.

Granny square pillow cover.
Granny square pillow cover.

I will be making a couple more of these cuties; my daughter mentioned she would like one for her bed as well. Lots of colors and creative combinations make for unique, one-of-a-kind pillow covers every time.