Quick Tin Box Update

Last week while thrifting, I found an old tin filing box that was similar to one my mother had while we were young. It's a silly wood grain tin box that has no meaning except it reminds me of my younger years and was priced at $.80. 

Tin box and supplies to do a quick update:

Tin box update. SugarBeans.org

See, it's really not a beautiful piece of anything, BUT, seriously, it is the same brand, make and model as one my mother had; even the stubborn sticker is the same. That thing will NOT come off!! I just painted over it. 

Tin Box update. SugarBeans.org

I painted the base of the box, then measured the top and decoupaged the lid. Easy and pretty quick. Now, I can store my lace and buttons in this cutie.

Tin box update. SugarBeans.org

I added a couple of poms to the top and can now proudly display my newly updated tin box with pride in my craft room. Some days, it's the simple things that make me swoon. Cute storage container redone for less that $1.00 makes for a happy day, indeed. 

Happy week to you, friends!