Crochet + Fabric Wallets {a tutorial}

This season has been a difficult one. Life has been one tumultuous event after another, and when these tender moments arise, finding time to create and just breathe and enjoy become a new hard. I was given a couple hours of 'me' time this weekend, where I quickly hibernated to my craft/sewing room to 'play' with some past projects that were started, but not fully complete. These wallets....

Crochet + fabric wallets.

It was so fun to pair the cotton yarn with some fabric bits I have been waiting to use up. First, I  crocheted a few rectangles in the puff stitch.  Find a size you are wanting and crochet until you are at desired width and length. {I may make a few smaller ones as coin pouches--cute!} Cut your fabric a little larger than crocheted rectangle.

Iron fusible interfacing onto WRONG side of fabric; then iron edges in all around fabric perimeter.

Hand stitch fabric rectangle onto crocheted piece around the edges making sure to leave a little leeway on the top {helps when folding wallet flap over}.

Crochet + fabric wallets.
Crochet + fabric wallets.

Fold wallet into desired shape. Use a single crochet stitch to secure edges and add a loop halfway across the top for a button closure as you crochet around all three edges. Add a button to the front of the wallet.

Cotton yarn + fabric wallets.

And repeat. Again and again.

crochet + fabric wallets. A tutorial.

A little crafting fun to ease away the tension was the perfect way to spend a few hours alone. An added bonus: my gift pantry is stocked and ready to bless some girlies.