Stitching for a babe + donuts

This week was filled with getting some ordinariness back into my life. Routines were in full force, all family members were home {praise Jesus!}, and it was time to get some crafty juices flowing. Early in the week, we welcomed a family friend's preemie baby into our lives. She's tiny. She's adorable + thriving. And I was itching to make some small, cute baby bits. 

Preemie crochet beanie caps.

A friend on Instagram shared a crochet preemie cap pattern that I LOVED. Made a few for our sweet friend's daughter. And added a pom to one. Seriously, these are the cutest caps around!

Diaper bag pouch.

I pinned this wonderful diaper bag pouch from Noodlehead a while ago, praying for a baby to enter my life so I could make one. Prayers were answered!

Diaper bag pouch tutorial.

Another amazing revelation this week: the most scrumptious donut shop in our area was visited by me, not once, but twice. It could be a problem folks. Fresh donuts are a weakness for my sorry self; big time. 

Longs donuts.

Yes, HOT donuts. See what I mean by it's a problem?!?!

Longs donuts.

Creating for baby + donuts. That pretty much sums up my week. It was a good week.