Scrap Tags {gift it}

After I finished my Crochet + fabric wallets last week, I wanted to make something quick to add to the little bundles of goodness. I knew these wallets were destined for some sweeties who have loved me hard during some family hardships, and so chocolate sweet bits and handmade gift tags were in order. One can satisfy a sweet tooth; another can help in a pinch for an addition to a gift or note. 

Scrap tags.

To some larger tags, I sewed some scraps of fabric, ribbon and a simple phrase. Now, the gift giving + sharing with others can continue!


I bundled up a handful of the tags and tucked them into a crocheted wallet. A few dearies received one of these gifts this week as I was packaging up pots, tupperware and bits from their meals they served our family during our tough weeks. Blessed indeed to be known, cared for, prayed over and practically loved on. 

Handmade gift tags.
Handmade scrap gift tags.

Feeling blessed by the love and compassion of my people. Looking forward to serving and filling a need of the people God has put in my path. Simple love shows up and pursues hard. A pretty little tag is just a bonus.

What are some ways you show practical love to the people in your life??