State Shape Hoop Art {Tutorial}

My Hubs and I are California natives. We have such fond memories of our times on the beach, biking, hiking, chatting, and exploring. So when I found this large wooden embroidery hoop while thrifting, I knew it would be the perfect format to fit our large and long home state with some images of what we loved about California.  

California state hoop art.

I used the same method in making this California hoop as I did in making my Moose Silhouette hoop art.

First, gather supplies:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Background fabric {I used unbleached muslin}
  • Heat and bond
  • Scraps of fabric 
  • Long strips of fabric
  • Silhouette shapes to trace onto heat and bond
Hoop art supplies.

Use the strips of fabric to wrap around outer ring of embroidery hoop. Hot glue every few inches.

Fabric wrapped embroidery hoop.

Be sure your background fabric fits into hoop with some extra around the edges. Enlarge your state shape to your liking. Find a fabric that represents your state and iron the Heat and bond onto the back of fabric. Trace the state shape BACKWARDS onto the Heat and bond {this makes shape right side when cut}. Cut. Peel off paper backing of Heat and Bond; IRON onto center of fabric.

California state shape art.

Stitch around perimeter of state.

Now the fun begins. Decide what images of your state represent something special; trace the shape onto paper. Use your fabric scraps to coordinate color or mood with the chosen images. Iron Heat and bond onto the scraps and follow the same instructions as with the state shape to iron, trace, cut, and peel. 

California state images.

Find the right placement-- iron in place. Sew outlines of shapes once adhered to state.

California images placement.

Once outline sewing is complete, you are ready to slip into hoop and trim excess fabric. I used a little hot clue to keep the edges from popping out. Done. 

California state shape hoop art.

California holds so many sweet memories for me and my man. It was fun to mark some of our places in a creative way as a reminder in our home. With these cold temps in Indiana, I would love a little California warmth right about now.