Winter stitching + stashing

When it's cold outside, I sometimes lack the motivation to warm up the all-season room {crafting space} and work on stitching projects. But last week, I cranked up the floor board heaters and purged, dumped and organized some of my fabric stash.

Craft room.

Organizing my space inevitably leads to wanting to cut into something pretty, so that happened too. I cut into my precious stash of vintage cotton and made a few small bags. I'm using mine as a Bible bag; it's the perfect size to store my pens, pencils and special colorful twistables. 

Bible bag from vintage fabric.
Gift a vintage inspired Bible bag.

This blue bag was a gift for a special friend on her birthday. I love giving + receiving handmade, and so does this Dearie. 

Vintage inspired Bible bag.

And this sweet, cheerful bag is an extra I am keeping on hand for future gift-giving. {Yellow. It's my favorite}.

Sew up a quick Bible bag from vintage linens.

Sewing + creating has become quite the stress-reliever as of late. I can sit in my space, listen to some podcasts and think on the special people in my life that need a little pick-me-up or encouragement. Stocking up on little handmade treats fills me up this drafty winter. 

What are you working on these chilly months??