Lap Desk {remake}

On a recent trip to a favorite thrift shop, I spotted a ragged little lap desk sitting forlornly upon a shabby couch. There is still a teacher brain in me that loves all things school related: chalkboards, markers, paper, books and yes, small desks. It was this part of my brain that had me seek the price of this not-so-much-needed-as-wanted-lap-desk. $2 sealed the deal. 

lap desk3.jpg

With just a few pages of scrap book paper and some decoupage, this sad little lap desk is now my new little traveling table. 


See?? Kind of shabby. Even a few punctures on the bottom; but, oh some potential, for sure. 
First, I cleaned all the surfaces of the desk. Next, I painted the sides of the desk with a white primer paint. 

Lap desk.

Once the paint dried, I traced the shape of the table top onto scrapbook paper and cut, making sure the pattern on the paper stayed lined up. 

Lap desk redo.

I did the same thing with the interior of the desk. Then, I gathered a sponge brush and some decoupage glue and carefully applied the paper, scraping any bubbles tenderly with a scraping tool. Two coats of glue were added to the top of the paper, inside and out. 

lap desk redo.

I am so excited about this little lap desk. It now stores some of my planning and blogging materials. Sitting down and getting organized just got a little prettier!