Simple Sewing Kit {college gifts}

Last weekend I was blessed with a small road trip to visit my oldest girl for a few days. I packed a box of goodies she had requested, and a few Valentine sweets for fun. But, I also have a tendency to make a little handmade something to bless her and her roommate. This package included an easy to make, Simple Sewing Kit. 

Simple Sewing Kit.

I ended up making three of these little cuties; sent one in the mail to our Dear Jenny, and hand delivered two this past weekend. 

Here is how you can make your own Sewing Kit. 
First, I embroidered three monograms for the girls names. I then made hexies out of the monograms.

simple sewing2.jpg

Next, cut out your coordinating fabrics {and stabilizer} to the size that fits your needs. My cuts were 9 inches by 7 1/2 inches. 

Simple sewing kits.

Iron the fusible interfacing to the WRONG SIDE of the fabric you want to be on the front of sewing kit. Sew around the edges, leaving a 3 inch opening at the bottom for turning out. Iron.

Simple sewing kit.

Stitch the side with the opening shut.

simple sewing kit.

Sew hexie into place on the front of sewing kit. 

simple sewing7.jpg

Fold up inside fabric a couple of inches and iron + pin in place.

Simple sewing kit.

Stitch around three sides of the case to make one large pocket at the bottom. Cut a piece of felt in half and stitch to the center of the sewing kit.  

Simple Sewing kit.

And you are finished. Include any bit of sewing goodness that your Dearies may need. I added a small tape measure, scissors, thread, a threader, extra buttons, pins, needles, safety pins and some denim patches. 

simple sewing kits.
Simple sewing kit.

Handmade + gifts to my Sweets are my favorite.