Simple Gatherings.

Growing up, my mom was the queen of making our home warm and inviting. It was not unusual to find friends of all ages at our dining room table sipping, nibbling, laughing, and sharing with one another. My goal as a Mama and friend is to have the same caring and open environment for the People in my life. 

Simple Gatherings.

Here are some easy tips I've incorporated in our home to increase our Simple Gatherings: 

  1. Be flexible. Be willing to drop your agenda for the passel of teens that come over to hang out with your daughter. Let your plans change based on the people in your home. 
  2. Don't wait for Perfect.  If you wait for a clean house, the finished decorating project or new furniture, you will never host a gathering. 
  3. Plan it. Flexibility is good, but putting a date on the calendar for a gathering helps you to focus on a particular friend or family in a special way. 
  4. Keep it Simple. Really. The crockpot is my best friend when it comes to hosting dinners. Dump the ingredients and focus on your conversation, pick up a few things around the house, set the tone with music or fresh-picked flowers. Tea + cookies are also a favorite Simple Gathering. Quick + no fuss, but so meaningful!
  5. Just Do IT. Don't talk yourself out of being with people. I heard a podcast today that we are only as happy as the relationships in our lives. People can be messy, but your time and love will make a difference. 
  6. Mix it up. Invite friends from different parts of your life together for a gathering. 

What I have listed is not news to many of you. I'm sure there are so many more ways to prepare for Simple Gatherings, but I wanted to share some of what has helped me this year. Hoping to increase my hosting opportunities in the coming year. 

What are some ways you prepare for gatherings?? Share in the comments section, please! xo

Happy New Year, friends!