Fall Fun {Sewing + a Party}

Every Halloween we pass out candy, host a chili and spaghetti bar and invite friends over. I love that this tradition still holds strong and I look forward to it every year. I LOVE seeing the young friends of our neighborhood decked out in their sweet or scary costumes with buckets filled to the brim with candy and parents reminding them to say, "thank you". Priceless. This year, my teens {one in particular} kept me on my toes by changing plans hourly-- costumes, friends attendance, sleep-over or not, etc. Luckily by Friday, I had a working plan for one costume and made it my mission to complete it quickly. 

Pattern sewing. SugarBeans.org

I was fortunate to find this pattern on .99 pattern week. Yay!! My girl wanted the green dress in pink with a peter-pan collar, not scalloped. I hit up the Goodwills in my area and was fortunate to find a double-sized pink sheet for $3. I knew this would be plenty of fabric to make the dress and did a little happy jig that this saved me from paying more at the fabric store. 

Pattern sewing. SugarBeans.org

My girl in her newly made pink dress from the above pattern. It fit her perfectly! Her and her bestie looked adorable in their Moonrise Kingdom costumes {I am not even aware of this movie-- sad truth}. 

Popcorn bar. SugarBeans.org

Popcorn Bar. Because more sugar on Halloween weekend is a must. {Inspired by the ladies at Lolly Jane}. This was really fun + so easy to put together. I'm thinking a Christmas Popcorn Bar will be happening as well. 

Such a full + fun weekend with neighbors, friends and loved ones. Really, a most favorite way for me to spend any weekend!