Floral Idea Pouch (Michelle Patterns)

Over Fall break, two of my favorite college girls returned home for a long weekend. After being separated from them for months, I wanted to send them back to school with a little handmade gift filled with small gifts. I came across the Idea Pouch from Michelle Patterns and knew this would be the perfect little carry-all pouch for my college Dears.

floral organizer2.jpg
floral organizer.jpg

This pattern is filled with roomy pockets-- plenty of space for a calculator, pens, notecards + chocolate--essentials for any college girl:)

floral organizer3.jpg

These sweet pouches came together quickly and I look forward to making more as gifts for friends in the future. I use my pouch along with my planner to hold colored pens, post-it notes, stamps, and a small notebook. I use it ALL of the time. 

floral organizer4.jpg

This was a wonderful pattern and I would highly recommend it! There were many clear pictures included in the PDF which makes the pattern that much easier to follow--great for any sewing level.