Sticks + Poms {Quick Gifts}

With all of the leaves falling, branches become bare and are often piled in the yard--a menace for the lawn mower. This quick project will help clear up the sticks, save the mower blade and bless a friend with a cute Fall-ish bouquet of Poms. 

Poms + sticks for a quick Fall bouquet.

Super quick and oh, so satisfying. I made my poms using the width of my four fingers, wrapping about 80 times; I wanted them nice and puffy. After trimming the poms, I felt for the loop that keeps all the yarn bits together and simply slid one end of the stick gently through the loop, making sure the tip of the stick didn't pop through the pom. Voila. Bunch up a few at a time and you have a handmade gift for a Dearie.