Thrifted Duvet + Vintage Pattern Dress {Sewing for Me}

While sorting through some vintage patterns, I found one that would be perfect for Fall with boots and a cardigan. After finding the right fabric { a thrifted full-sized duvet cover} I began to assemble all of the materials needed to make a new frock. I am very pleased with the final product and it only seems fitting that it should be worn on October 1.

Vintage sewing pattern. Sewing for me.

This is a wide skirted dress with narrow arm coverings, an elastic top and POCKETS. Yes, sweet + deep pockets. That's probably my most favorite feature of this dress.

Vintage sewing pattern.

Side note: I could have an entire wall filled with the wonderfully illustrated patterns from yesteryear. The hair- those shoes! Love it all!

Vintage sewing pattern dress.

The top had channels for two strips of elastic. I used natural thread to contrast with the dark brown. The top fits really well over the bodice area. I can see wearing this in the summer months as well.

It's time to change up the wardrobe, and for about $2.50 I have a lovely new addition to pair with my favorite leggings. 

Happy Fall, Friends!