There have been many changes in our home these past couple of months. Some changes have been welcomed, other changes have come unbidden and cause a heart to sigh and hunker down. With these changes have come some quiet times on this blog and in my little home. A very good thing. I have missed this space, so here is a little glimpse of my family's happenings:

Missing two family members that have passed away unexpectedly. 
Celebrating the Christmas season with Dear friends.

Rejoicing in the truth of Christ's birth. 
Worshipping with flickering candles and soulful songs. 
Remembering highlights of the year left behind. 

Snuggling one of my teens each night. 
Chatting with my visiting college girl over warm tea and giggles. 
Creating contentedly under a heavy blanket.

Journaling thoughts, prayers, hopes and plans for 2015.
Sharing quiet mornings with my Hubs while our teens sleep in. 
Dating my Bestie and trying new food joints. 

Surprising the teens with a movie and dinner out. 
Watching old, corny movies together. 
Staying up way too late for too many nights in a row. 
Thanking God for the bounty in my life. 
Praying God meets you in your rough and lovely places this new year!