Mini Banners & Tassels {A Tutorial}

It's time to celebrate-- a new year, new hopes & adventures, small victories, birthdays, accomplishments. This is my year to be thankful and live out gratitude. Having some of these mini banners and tassels on hand to add to gifts or leave on mailboxes will be a reminder to look for reasons to celebrate. Let's create & share.

Mini banner & Tassels {a tutorial}.


Use your scrappy yarn pile to make small tassels
Make a banner pattern out of card stock. {I used a 3X5 card, for reference}.
Cut 2 pieces of each fabric using banner pattern.

Place tassel inside of fabric pieces {with right sides facing}.
Sew around three sides of the fabric, leaving the flat end open. 

Turn fabric out. Iron. Fold over 1 inch of flat end and iron.

Once banner is folded over, stitch the raw edges shut to make a pocket for wood rod. 
Insert wood rod and loop yarn, twine, ric rac or lace to make a hanger. Done. 

Attach to gifts for a little love in the form of handmade. 

Trying to live a thankful life. Will you join me?? Craft, write, sing, shovel snow, make a phone call-- whatever it takes to show love in a tangible way to the Specials in our lives.
Blessings, Dears!