Mini-Faux Animal Heads {tutorial}

A little while ago, I found a bag of forlorn plastic animals at the Goodwill for $1.99. They were thick and great quality// totally reminded me of my son's fascination with all-things-animal during his younger years. I bought these discarded beasts and used a few to make some Mini-Faux Animal Heads to hang in my sewing room. 

Mini-faux animal heads.

My supplies: quality plastic animals {solid, not hollow}, mini wood plaques {.99 at Michaels craft store}, spray paint and strong adhesive glue {E6000}.

Mini-faux animal heads.

Cut off the heads of the animals. Spray paint the plaques and animal heads. 

Once all the pieces are dry, use your strong glue to attach the head to the plaque. Be ready to be amazed, because these little fellas are so cute. 

mini-faux animal heads.
animal heads5.jpg

These little animal heads are perfect to decorate your small spaces. I need to purchase a few more plaques this week; my teens are wanting some mini animal heads in their spaces now as well. Maybe my pink or green spray paint will be used for the next batch. So Fun!

Happy Crafting, friends!