$5 Chair {Makeover}

Last week on a quick trip to a Goodwill I spotted a ragged wood chair with some sweet curves. I sat in it. I walked around thinking and waiting for my brain to remind myself that a chair was not on my seek-and-find mission that day. However, as I circled back to the furniture area, the $5 price tag sealed the deal. I brought her home for a little face-lift. 

There was a lot of wear, some paint splotches and grime. But after a cleaning, some paint and a little sand paper, she was transformed. 

Paint a chair for a face lift. SugarBeans.org

Paint color: Misty Teal by Benjamin Moore

Gentle sanding for a distressed look. SugarBeans.org

Once the chair dried from 2 coats of paint, I used a fine sandpaper to distress some edges and curves. 

This paint went on so smoothly and covered well. There was enough left in my quart, that I painted an unfinished bench that has been in my basement for over 10 years. I like when one project leads to the completion of another, don't you??