Granny Square Pillow {tutorial}

This project is the perfect marriage of my two favorites: crochet + vintage linens. This winter was filled with fun crochet projects {granny afghan, crochet hook cases, phone cozies, jar cozies, mini flags and more} and I found my time crocheting to be quite relaxing, so the hooks have appeared even in the warmer months. Last week I finally purged an ugly cushion cover and replaced it with this Granny Square pillow. 

Granny Square Cushion Tutorial.

To begin, I made a simple large granny square. The fiber will stretch a little, so I made the square the same size as the pillow, knowing that the fluff of the goose-down pillow would fill out the cover when complete. 

Large granny square + vintage pillowcase.

A vintage pillow case was used for the back of the cushion. The case was cut so the double-sided top was used for the back flaps; this saves on having to hem any edges. 

Cut two pieces of the case that line up with the sides of the granny square. Make the lengths longer by 4-5 inches to allow for flaps for pillow insertion. Place granny square face up, then layer the pillow pieces {face-down} on the granny square. 

Line up the two pillow casing pieces to the granny square, pin around the perimeter. Sew around the edges. Turn inside-out using the opening left from the flap and fill with your pillow. 

Granny cushion.
Granny cushion.

New pillow/cushion cover in no time.