College Gift {Buy + Handmade}

Our oldest daughter settled into her dorm this weekend to start her college career {!!!}. It was a weekend filled with laughter, tears, trepidation and exhilaration. She is starting something new and adventurous and we, as her parents, are so incredibly blessed to witness the beginning of this journey. Our daughter's best friend leaves in a couple days to start her college days, so we filled up a recent thrifted basket with some fun college essentials// handmade + store bought. 

Girl college gift basket.

Handmade: The blanket was bound with a satin ribbon; crocheted jar cozy filled with pens + pencils; and vintage-wrapped hangers ready to be hung. 

Handmade college gift.

Buy: Fig bars (yum), lint roller, pens, pencils, games, candy, mason jar sipper, and notebook. 

College days. Nothing compares. We sent these girls off with prayers, small gifts, and a piece of our hearts. 

What college essential would you want in a gift basket??