Summer Lovin' {wrapping it up}

This summer has flown by. We had our family vacation one week into summer, and at the time, it felt like we had miles of warm, slow days ahead. Alas, summer ends for us today. My youngest starts middle school Monday, and three more of my crew start High School next Friday. Eeek!! 

 The first two cars hold my entire family!! 

The first two cars hold my entire family!! 

Knowing that our summer was quickly ending and we still had a few summer-fun items to accomplish, we squeezed in a couple of last minute trips to savor some sweet family moments. We took a day trip to the Cincinnati area and ventured to King's Island; an amusement park for the adventurous thrill seekers. 

Pierogi fest with friends & time at the beach.

The next weekend, we met up with some special friends to attend the pierogi-fest. The kids were able to sneak in a final beach play date, and we ate ourselves silly at the fest. How can you not like deep fried puffs filled with all sorts of savory and sweet goodies?!? I dare you to try. So YUM!


Some other final summer wrap ups: last piano lesson. Our girl is moving on to high school. After nine years, this was a momentous (& emotional) day. 

A surprise delivery of Mollie Makes new embroidery book was pleasant; I forgot it was pre-ordered as a gift. So awesome. Really, everything from them is colorful, gorgeous, and creative with a vintage-vibe. Go check it out!

Mollie Makes Embroidery book.

It's been a good summer. I've been more intentional about taking time to relax, indulging in hobbies (new & favorites), spending slow mornings with the teens and enjoying a different pace. Thanks, summer of 2014-- you've been good to me!

What are some of your summer wrap-ups?