Summer Thrifting {Vintage style}

I have to say Midwest thrifting is awesome. There are so many great thrift + vintage shops, flea markets and garage/estate sales in my area. I don't usually plan my trips, they often occur when I'm out for a piano lesson-- thrift store up the street; or running to the bank--another shop there. This week's chance stops were a hit!

Summer thrifting.

Ruffled Shams- $2
Wicker picnic basket- $2
Small basket- .49
Jars- .49
Wooden Puzzle- .99
Bird Cards- .99
Vintage Radio- $5

summer thrifting2.jpg

Those bird flashcards were a huge hit at a dinner with friends. After dessert was served, I pulled the cards out and my neighbors knew most of these sweet creatures-- happy to use them for their intended purpose before I decorate or gift them. 

Vintage Bird flash cards.

This basket is in perfect condition! I was looking for a similar one a few months ago, and finding one now just makes me SO happy. I was also in need of some new pillow shams for my bed; ours have been lovingly used for years and are about to fall apart, but the price tag on new shams have kept me looking at my favorite thrift shops. These two pink ruffled Land of Nod shams were $2!! My color + my price.

It's time to practice our states:) 
Happy Thrifting!