Vintage Wrapped Hangers {College Prep}

We are still in college prep mode here: shopping, organizing, planning and creating small handmade items for my college-bound daughter. A couple of weeks ago, I made a vintage strip quilt; I loved the colors and vintage-vibe, so I used some of the same strips to create these sweet hangers. 

Vintage Wrapped Hangers.

On our most recent trip to Ikea, I picked up these sturdy wood hangers for $4. 

Ikea wood hangers.

After wrapping 8 of these hangers, I am in LOVE. Hopefully, my daughter will open her closet as she prepares for her day of classes and be reminded of some homeyness in the simple handmade goodies that hold her clothes. 

Vintage wrapped hangers.

Using a strip of fabric 1 inch in width helps it not buckle as you wrap; a thicker width can add some bulk and puckering. Keep the strips skinny. 

Vintage wrapped hangers.

A glue gun and your vintage strips are all the materials needed. Get in the zone; wrap and glue. Add a pom or tassel for some whimsy, and voila, a set of vintage wrapped hangers are ready to be gifted.