Crochet Jar Cozies {Tutorial}

I was noticing my glass jar collection growing in the garage and decided it was time to crochet some cozies to prepare them for gifts. Again, this is the kind of project that once you start, you will want to cozy-ify every glass container in your possession.

Crochet jar cozies.

To start a cozy, begin chain stitching until you get a long enough chain to slip over bottom of glass jar. Slip Stitch. Chain 3 and start your double crochet stitches, OR chain 2 and start your single crochet in the round. Continue crocheting in the round until you reach the top of the jar. On some jars, I decreased the stitches in the final rows to make the top snug. 

crochet jar cozy2.jpg

1. Double crochet in a criss-cross pattern.
2. Alternating double crochet and single crochet.
3. Half Double Crochet 

Crochet cozies for jars.

I threaded a vintage sheet scrap through a tapestry needle and added a bow and heart to a couple of jars-- just a little splash of color. The lids are spray painted and ready to finish off these jars for future gift-giving. 

Are there any household items you love to recycle as gifts??