Summer at Home

With our Michigan family vacation in our rear-view mirror, my family has been finding ways to fill our days without uttering the dreaded, "what are we doing today?" or "can we______". Here is a little glimpse into our Midwest summer. 

 Wide open blue skies.

Wide open blue skies.

Last summer, my teens and I made a Summer Bucket List and had a marvelous time attempting to create fun memories while spending time with one another. This summer, we have some goals as well, but I am adding a few items that are Mama-specific; like reading and sipping outside enjoying the beauty of our yard ALONE. Carving out a few moments to relax is a priority this summer. 

Last week we celebrated the 4th of July in a very different manner. I took my oldest and a couple of her friends to Cincinnati to shop at Ikea for college necessities, eat some yummy treats and tell stories. While my husband and oldest son were in NYC on a mission trip, and two middle kids were with my sister playing with my niece. We were all over the place. 

And if you follow me on Instagram, you already know I started a sewing project for my girl heading to college next month. More on that next week:) 

Seeking to find Joy and peace at home with a houseful of teens and expectations can be dicey. But with some deliberate choices to mark off moments for different experiences, I am finding it a little easier.