Granny Square Afghan {with Scallop Trim}

All winter I was slowly working on crocheting some colorful granny squares. I knew white would be the dominate color, but also knew I wanted lots of color within the white. There are so many variations of the granny square, but I fell in love with Pip's style over at Meet Me at Mikes and used it as my foundation. 

Granny Square & scallop trim afghan.

It looks so pretty draped across my bed. 

 It is doubled over in this picture. 

It is doubled over in this picture. 

To join the granny squares, I crocheted the granny stitch following Carina's tutorial. I loved how seamless the afghan turned out. 

Granny square afghan with scalloped edging.

This was a fun project on many levels: 1. it was easy to do anywhere. 2. the pattern didn't vary, so simple. 3. the best-- my daughter, Bean was doing her own granny squares at the same time. She chose a different granny pattern and colors, but she is not quite finished yet. 

Crochet scalloped edging.

Once the granny squares were connected, I wanted to tie the afghan together with some edging. I ended up doing a simple scalloped edge in gray and I LOVE how this finishes the whole sweet, soft fluffy-white afghan. I am now tempted to make a few small Granny afghans as gifts for future use.