Vintage Thrifting {Michigan}

Midwest thrifting is spectacular. Whenever we head north to Michigan, my family patiently {with an ice cream or treat} waits while I pop into a few thrift stores.

Midwest vintage thrifting.

My usual route involves scoping out vintage linens; vintage sheets and pillow cases make great crafting material. Some past projects using vintage material include: DIY Kindle Case, Silhouette Shape Pillow, Repurposed Sheet Skirt, Dinner Napkins, Sewing Machine Cover, and more. I REALLY love the old, soft and vintage-y style of my thrifted linens. 

 This store is a must stop whenever we drive through Holland, Michigan. 

This store is a must stop whenever we drive through Holland, Michigan. 

The vintage wire basket will be used to house my scrappy materials. And I found the wooden hoop mother-load. Hoops for days! A sweet vintage book, Marco Polo will be added to my small collection of classics. 

Fifty cents seems to be a popular price in these Midwest thrifting stores. So much of my haul was tagged with those two, sweet numbers. This gingham apron had hardly been used; it looked brand new and had such sweet embroidered embellishments. I may set it aside for a house-warming Biddle. 

The lap quilt was marked $1.50. Whenever I come across a handmade item, lovingly cut and sewn, I find it difficult to leave it behind. Somebody put a lot of work and thought in the item, so we have quite a few abandoned blankets from various thrifting trips spread throughout the house. There are definitely no cold laps around these parts.

Are you a thrifter? What are some items you seek out?