Summers Start {Beach Days}

We needed a break. A time to sleep-in, bask in the sun and relax, laugh with one another. May was Crazy-busy and June needed to start with the hope of some refreshment and relaxation. My Hubs rented us a house in Northern Michigan for a week and our little tribe called it 'home' for a week. 

Beach days

My husband and I are California natives// we long for ocean waves and sandy feet. Our closest and best option for these experiences is Michigan. We ventured further north than in years past and it did not disappoint.

Michigan vacation.

This was our view from the back of the house. Amazing! The best part: the house came with 2 kayaks and a row boat; hours of entertainment for the Teens without paying more rental fees. Yippee!

Dock time.

Each evening we ended up on the dock. I loved the quiet moments with my Guy, each of us reading or chatting briefly, listening to the sounds of the water {& our Teens}. Relaxing. So needed, but so hard to do at home. Why is this? Why does guilt creep in when I attempt to do the same things in my yard? 

Looking at this picture almost brings back the sound of the waves and seagulls- reminders of summers past! I love vacation and the time it affords our large family to spend time with one another. Puzzles were made, games played, junk eaten, and memories made. Time to reset and prepare for summer. I can do this!