Repurposed lampshade {vintage scraps + lace}

I stumbled across a hideous lampshade at a Goodwill for .99 a while back, but liked the shape and hoped to find some new life for the sad piece. This week, with the aid of some vintage lace and fabric scraps, I made an adorable {fake} Scrappy Chandelier to hang in my craft room.

Repurposed lampshade with vintage fabric scraps and lace.

I began by ripping the old lampshade strips off the frame. Then with the aid of my handy-dandy hot glue gun, I wrapped and glued strips of happy vintage fabric around the frame. Finally, some vintage lace was secured to the bottom. 

Ugly lampshade into new wall handing.
Old lampshade to repurposed chandelier.

My craft room is three walls of windows and completely made of wood. Not my favorite decor, but too big of a project to tackle right now, so I try to fill the space with lots of white. I think my new Scrappy Chandelier makes this corner of our work space feel a little more airy and cheerful. 

 P.S. That cute biscuit tin came from our recent trip to  Ireland.  

P.S. That cute biscuit tin came from our recent trip to Ireland. 

As I clean or organize, I often find items like this lampshade that need to be prettified and I am compelled to stop organizing for a bit until the item can be brought to new life. It really does not help my little mess piles, but I love completing small projects that have been stacking up. 

What little projects or activities get you distracted?