Friday night bonfire with friends {come summer, come}

I truly find so much JOY in my  home: in the cleaning, in the decorating, organizing and planning of meals + hosting friends for evenings of chats + nibbles. A warm contentment flows  when laughter, stories and food are shared with new friends, and old. This past Friday we invited a group of family + friends over for a hot dog roast and bonfire with smores {of course:}.

summer backyard bonfire.
Teen time.

When a bunch of teens gather, you can be sure of a few things: is necessary in large quantities 2. games of all sorts will ensue 3. sweat and laughter in equal proportions. 

summer games.

Ultimate frisbee. This was so fun to watch! We parents hooted and hollered from the sidelines as the Teens outmaneuvered one another for goals and bragging rights. 

Dice game.

We call this the dice game, but I'm sure there is another, truer name. This game requires space to move and reach the one pen in the middle while quickly passing the die around the circle.
The object is to be the first person to write all the numbers from 1 to 100.  Each person rolls once, then the next person roles as fast as they can. Whenever someone rolls a double, they can grab the pen and start writing numbers until the next set of doubles is rolled (and the pen gets stolen from them).  Whoever gets to 100 first wins. This game is fast paced + loud {of course}! It's great for big groups. 

 So much to glean from watching our children interacting with one another and filling an evening with simple games + laughter. 

Happy Summer, Sweeties!