Vintage Book Pages + Crepe Paper Table Runners {Grad Party}

The countdown in on!! In a little over two weeks my oldest daughter and nephew are celebrating their high school graduations with a combined open house. My sis and I have been plotting + planning the food, decor and more on a budget. We are using items we have around the house and creating small bits every week to keep us from getting overwhelmed at the last minute with a crazy array of details. This week, I used a thrifted, vintage dictionary to make table runners. 

Book page table runners.

The dictionary was a deal for $2; the crepe paper streamers were .99. Thirteen runners were made and hardly a dent was made in our materials. 

Paper table runner supplies.

I also made a couple of vintage paper garlands using a circle punch and sewing up the middle of each circle.  

Book page table runner.

After carefully cutting the pages from the dictionary, I zigzag stitched along the seam of two pages and overlapped the next two pages. This was continued until I had twelve pages, or 6 rows of pages connected. Each table runner is about five feet long.  

Book page table runner with crepe paper.

I scrunched and overlapped some red crepe paper streamers as a ruffle on the ends of the table runners and adhered with hot glue. 

Book page table runner.

It feels so good to have one more project completed! Working on these graduation decorations has helped me to focus on the fun aspect of celebrating the launching of our 'babies' into their new chapters.