Book Clutch {Grad Gifts}

Sunshine + crafting just go hand-in-hand. The weather motivated me to create some pretties in my sewing room in anticipation of some upcoming graduation open-houses. I pinned these  Book Clutches from See Kate Sew a few months ago, knowing they would make sweet gift receptacles. 

Vintage Sheet Book Clutch.
Vintage sheet book clutch.

I scrounged the house for some hard-cover books and pulled the guts out. I bound the book guts with some strips of fabric and have them proudly decorating my entrance table. 

Vintage sheet book clutch.
Vintage book clutch.
Book clutch.

Now that I have a few of these adorable Book Clutches made and on hand, I can't wait to fill them with fun items for some of my daughter's graduating friends. I'm thinking of the necessities for every college Freshman--chocolate, writing instruments, more chocolate and bits of personal items for each special lady.